**NOTE** This version of the C kit DOE NOT include the ceramic crock stick. Due to a supplier issue we have replaced the crock still with 5 sheets of our silicone carbide sandpaper. You will wrap the sandpaper around the dowel we include. THis allows you to create 5 grits of round sharpening stick.

    ****Also*** If you are shooting a convex head like the grizzly stick Masai, Drop us an email after you order and ask for the square wood dowel instead of the round dowel.***

    The version C will work with Simmons broadheads as well as other broadheads as we have added a 35 and 40 degree roller positions (for kudupoint and helix) as well as the existing 19, 22 and 25 degree settings this guide already had.  Thats 5 diff angle positions to more closely match your head's factory grind. The kit comes base unit comes with the guide and an extra set of rollers as well as a round, double cut file,  a buffing dowel and buffing compound and 5 sheets of silicone carbide sandpaper to wrap around the wood dowel.

    The Version "C" is adjustable allowing the user to set the sharpening angle they want by simply moving the roles to a position that closely matches they factory grind of their heads or they can set their own grind angle.

    The video below shows the older version of the C kit that used to include a ceramic crock stick. Due to a supplier issue we dont offer the ceramic stick at this time.

    Here are 2 videos that explains and demonstrates