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The Stay Sharp Broadhead Sharpening Guide. That "Nifty" little broadhead sharpening guide.

Our customers have spoken and we listened so we created the complete package for buyers that don't have sharpening stones or those that didn't want to mess around getting plexiglass and 400 and 1000 grit sandpaper. The complete package contains everything you need to start sharpening your broadheads.. Check out the store for options

Product instructions

*****CAUTION***** You will be working with very sharp metal blades. Use common sense to avoid cutting yourself. The blades may be dull to begin with but will finish very sharp. Be aware of this and use caution.

The "Stay Sharp" Broadhead Sharpening Guide will work with common knife sharpening mediums such as oil stones, Arkansas stones, diamond plates, and/or sandpaper. Sandpaper grits of 400 and 1000 work best. Worn, warped whetstones that do not have a flat surface will not work. Use oil or water as directed by the maker of your sharpening stones.

1.       Your work space should be well lit and include a sturdy, flat surface to work on. A layer of old newspaper will protect counter tops from dirt, debris, honing oil or water.

2.       Using a screwdriver or coin (such as a dime) make sure the "Stay Sharp" Broadhead Sharpening Guide main screw is loose enough to allow the insertion of your blade.

3.       Assemble all the blades you intend to sharpen. Using a dark colored marker (i.e. Sharpie) draw on both sides of the blade bevel edge that you will be sharpening.

4.       Insert and center your blade into the jaws of the "Stay Sharp" Broadhead Sharpening Guide. The blade should protrude approximately 3/16 to 1/4 of an inch and be parallel to the jaws. (see image 1)

5.       Tighten the main screw but only enough to keep the blade from moving while you refine the alignment.

6.       Using very light pressure, roll the "Stay Sharp" Broadhead Sharpening Guide and blade over the sharpening medium and observe the wear on the marker ink you applied to the blade, then adjust the blade in the jaw so the wear caused by the abrasives will be even and equal across the entire blade edge.

7.       Tighten the jaw screw further after final adjustments to the blade position.

8.       Unless your blade is very dull or nicked, it does not take a great deal of pressure while rolling the "Stay" Sharp Broadhead Sharpening Guide over the abrasive medium. Too much pressure may bend/warp the blade and result in uneven sharpening and may move the blade in the jaws. (see image 2)

9.       Sharpen both sides of the blade with a coarse abrasive and finish with a finer grit. (TIP, For the finest or final grit you can lift slightly on the back side of the "Stay Sharp" Broadhead Sharpening Guide lifting the roller slightly off the abrasive. This hones only the very, leading edge of the blade.)

10.   Once you have honed your blade, it will be sharp. Use caution when loosening the main screw to remove the blade from the jaw. 

Stay Sharp Grey guide for Zeus,  Iron Will, Magnus. etc