• "Grey" Broadhead Sharpening Guide for Zeus, Magnus stinger and buzz cut heads, Iron Will (tm), etc.


    Due to customer demand. we are offering a Special Stay Sharp guide 
    specifically for  Zeus and Magnus Stinger and Buzz cuts, Iron Will (tm) and other broadheads. This is all you need to return the edge on your heads to the razor sharp cutting edge you need for quick  and humane kills. No more files and freehanding. Get a consistent, sharp blade angle. (Broadhead not included). Here is a sharpening Demo for Iron Will head (tm).  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nb9o5Mlrsho  here we use the "grey" guide for Magnus heads https://youtu.be/qQJ-2WXBkG4  and here is a demo for the Zeus head 

    Video for Stingers/buzz cuts using the grey guide