5 Diamond plates (The best value)


Diamond honing plates. (approx. 3 x 6 3/4 inches) so there is plenty of surface area to roll your Stay Sharp guide on.

Watch this video on diamond plate care and cleaning.

You are getting all 5 plates at our lowest price per plate and no animal will be safe from your blades.

Wet/Dry Sandpaper is great but doesn't last very long. Diamond plates offer longer life. 

240 grit: will get you to the burr the fastest and repair a damaged edge fast and is great prep for the other grits.

400 grit: is also great for getting the first burr and a new cutting edge.

800 grit: Now you are starting to get a lethal edge and a finer burr

1200 grit: Your almost to a razors'e edge.

2000 grit: Now we are talking SHARP!!

Dont forget the buffing compound to take you to the next level of sharp.

DO NOT use water or oil on Diamond plates. know)

Water will cause rust. Some of the metal removed from your blades will be trapped in the diamond plate and water will cause that metal to rust.

Oil will clog and gum up the rollers of your guide. Always use diamond plates dry. Store the plates in a dry location. These plates are heavy (metal). All 5 plates weigh nearly a pound and a half so shipping is a bit higher than our other products.

click here for the broadhead sharpening video