4 Diamond plates (you select the grits)


There seems to be some confusion about ordering diamond plates. The 5 plate option is what you want if you want to properly hone your heads. The 3 and 4 plate options are for those that want to replace or order a few more of the 240 grit or stock up on 2000 grit. You wont get your blades sharp by skipping grits. You will get frustrated and push down harder thinking it remove more material at 800 grit when you should be starting at 240 grit. The 5 plate option is for sharpening, the 3 and 4 plate option is ONLY meant to replace worn plates.

Diamond honing plates. (approx. 3 x 6 3/4 inches) so there is plenty of surface area to roll your Stay Sharp guide on.

Watch this video on diamond plate care and cleaning.

Our silicone carbide paper is great but doesn't last as long as. Diamond plates, diamonds offer longer life. 

DO NOT use water or oil on Diamond plates.

Water will cause rust. Some of the metal removed from your blades will be trapped in the diamond plate and water will cause that metal to rust.

Oil will clog and gum up the rollers of your guide. Always use diamond plates dry. Store the plates in a dry location.

240 grit: will get you to the burr the fastest and repair a damaged edge fast and is great prep for the other grits.

400 grit: is also great for getting the first burr and a new cutting edge.

800 grit: Now you are starting to get a lethal edge and a finer burr

1200 grit: Your almost to a razors'e edge.

2000 grit: Now we are talking SHARP!! 

Dont forget to add the buffing compound to your order to take your blades to the next level of sharpness.

click here to watch the broadhead sharpening video